About WOY

We are convinced that empowering and educating youth, young people and other at-risk groups will help to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and increase their quality of life.
WOY objective is to train youth and young people and to teach them life skills and knowledge, so that they can overcome challenges they are facing, including HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive health. We use peer-to-peer education to spread the use of positive practices and to dispel common myths around the disease.

What's next ?

WOY aims to ensure its sustainability and financial autonomy. To do so, WOY is developing income-generating activities to cover the costs of its various projects
  • Pig farm

We are currently raising 2 pigs and their piglets in a temporary farm, to sell them to nearby villages. We have purchased a land to build the farm and have dug a well. We will soon start building the farm structure and the non-smelling pig farm.

  • Other activities

In the future, we aim to develop other activities, including a chicken farm and a fish pond, to increase our revenues.
Creation of WOY
WOY was established on 1997 and registered one year later. The idea of creating WOY came up after attending the National Youth Forum, where many information concerning youth movements were presented.
With other young professionals, John Kessy discussed issues occurring in their lives and decided to actively participate instead of being passive. They decided fight against HIV to be the first priority as at that time, statistics shown that 60% of new cases of HIV transmission was within youth age group.

White Orange Youth

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